Announcing the OneFeather Wallet

OneFeather is pleased to announce the launch of OneFeather Wallet, a First Nations-developed direct and targeted communication tool. After an initial pilot rollout, the OneFeather Wallet will be launched across Canada in early 2020.

The OneFeather Wallet is a mobile application intended to act as a way for Indigenous people to safely and easily manage day-to-day tasks in one dedicated service, from status card renewal and participating in voting events to securely conducting online banking and even participating in a loyalty program.

Besides empowering Indigenous people to take back control over Indigenous and personal identity, the OneFeather Wallet will provide a direct communication link between First Nation leadership and their members.

OneFeather Wallet Reduces Banking Costs for Indigenous People

Indigenous people in Canada have historically had difficulty accessing banking solutions. It can take considerable time and expense for people living in remote communities to travel to conduct basic banking activities such as withdrawing money, paying bills or transferring funds.

The OneFeather Wallet is the first mobile app built especially for the needs of Indigenous people in Canada to solve this problem. Users of the app will be able to create a fully digital bank account without ever setting foot in a bank, making it easy to conduct daily banking activities easy to do anywhere in Canada wherever there is an Internet or cellular data connection.

For example, thanks to agreements with major Canadian lenders and banking networks, OneFeather Wallet users can pay bills and transfer money at no cost -- we anticipate the OneFeather Wallet will significantly reduce banking costs for our users.

The OneFeather Wallet app also offers an online Status Card renewal feature. Using the app, Indigenous people in Canada can renew their Status Card with the click of a button. As well, an upcoming feature planned for the OneFeather app will include online GST rebates for on-reserve members.

Loyalty Program for Indigenous Benefits Included With OneFeather Wallet

The OneFeather Wallet app also includes a loyalty program: the more people use the OneFeather Wallet, the more loyalty points they will collect. These loyalty points can then be used to purchase goods and services from participating retailers and other organizations across Canada.

The loyalty program is backed by the OneFeather Box of Treasures. The Box of Treasures is a foundation that is seeded by 2.5 percent of all OneFeather revenues. Since the OneFeather Box of Treasures foundation is backing the loyalty program, OneFeather Wallet users can start collecting points that can be immediately redeemed for rewards.

As well, because the OneFeather Wallet is intended specifically for Indigenous people in Canada, only Indigenous people will be able to redeem these loyalty points.

Your Data is Kept Safe and Secure

The OneFeather Wallet also incorporates strong, robust security to ensure our users maintain ownership of their online identity and data. This is obviously important when conducting banking and for Status Card renewal, but privacy is also important when participating in elections, band governance and voting events.

Another principle for building robust data security into the app is to ensure the OneFeather Wallet provides Indigenous people in Canada with a direct connection with their leadership. Until now, First Nations governments often have had to rely on email or social media to communicate with their membership. This not only makes communication difficult, but also insecure. Platforms such as Facebook typically used by leadership to communicate with membership are not owned by Indigenous people, who have no control over how their personal data is shared or even sold.

Instead, the OneFeather Wallet app will provide direct, secure and private communication between a local First Nation and their membership, allowing Indigenous people in Canada to maintain sovereignty over their online identity.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Stay tuned for more updates as the OneFeather team gets ready to launch the OneFeather Wallet. We want to make sure the experience for Indigenous people is good, clean, fast and easy.


The OneFeather "Status Card Renewal" product is provided independent of any product interface or licence with Canada. Canada, nor CIRNAC / ISC, makes any warranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness of this product for its stated particular purpose.

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