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Splatsin Band

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Polling completed August 24, 2018
Total number of voters: 18 (3% showed)
Polling stations reporting: 1 of 1
Voting Method Number Of Ballots
Vote In Person 0
Vote Mail In 0
Vote Electronic 18
All custom answers

At Splatsin we are proud to provide each one of you with a monthly newsletter. We respect that some of you prefer traditional methods of reading, while others have gone paperless or prefer digital reading. We are trying to be more environmentally friendly too. Please update us on how you prefer to receive your monthly newsletter.

Option Mail In Electronic Total Votes
email 0 13 13
mail 0 1 1
hand delivery (for I.R. #1 and I.R. # 2 only) 0 4 4
Spoiled 0 0 0
For more information or assistance in regards to this voting event please contact an officer:
Lawrence Lewis (Ratification Officer)
  • Phone: (250) 384-8200
  • Fax: 250 384-5416
  • Email: lewis.l@telus.net
  • PO Box 35008 Hillside
  • Victoria
  • British Columbia
  • V8T 5G2